Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opportunity Cost of going to College

Is College really for EVERYONE?

This is a big debate among many people. There is really no better person to decide except yourself. Many assume if you don't straight to College after high school or attend College at any point of life, you will never amount to your potential in life. 

Well that couldn't be further from the truth.

Some of the brightest and most successful people I know never stepped foot in a college classroom. They simply take the time to research and specialize in the subjects of their interest. 

Knowledge is available to everyone. 

  • Most of us don't take the time to utilize these resources that are simply a click away.
As for someone who did attend College, I would definitely say it has its...

  1. Held to a higher standard
    • automatically when someone knows you graduated from _____ College, they automatically perceive you in a different light 
      • Sad but true.. many people write you off when they know you dont have a college degree which is extremely unfortunate... Welcome to the USA : )  
  2. Overall Experience
    • Football Games, Events, Clubs, you name it...people live for the college experience. It is truly hard to match the college atmosphere. Everyone cramming, partying, and all for the same goal: a piece of paper so we can make more money and get an above average job.
      • Fun Fact: 85% of college graduates never go into the industry they studied. Weird huh?
  3. Opportunities
    • Depending on your track/major...Take advantage of the Internships
      • This is a great way to get a job right out of college 
      • Also a great way to see if you really want to work in this industry 
  4. Networking Opportunities
    • Everyday in College is a new opportunity to Network. You truly never know if that guy in English class will become someone influential.
  1. The first 2 years are a Waste
    •  can truly be cut out, they re-emphasize everything you were taught back in high school
    • Probably will not help you in your future ventures, regardless of what major your in
      • Spending *** amount of dollars that you already learned in High school.. Can't we just cut right to the chase and make College 2 yrs? 
  2. Missing out on Experience
    • Many jobs require a college degree before being given the time of the day
      • Fortunately, there usually there is exceptions and the more experience you have in that industry, the better off you are. 
      • Many jobs require an absurd amount of Experience 
        • This can be rather frustrating or discouraging to the younger generation like myself as it may be difficult to gain that experience if your a full time student or simply don't have the degree to even qualify until after college. 
  3. THE COST!!!
    • This is a hot topic as many shed THOUSAND's of dollars for College. Yes you read that right, I have friends that you will be in debt until their 110 yrs old. 
      • Interesting Fact: You can never get rid of your college debt, even if you file for bankruptcy. 
    • Not sure if the cost of College(every experience in unique) outweighs going straight to the workforce if your college experience forces you to count your every penny.
At the end of the day the decision is up to you. 

Just remember you don't have to stress yourself out trying to fit into societies box of what your suppose to do after High School. 

Take Away:
Do You- Whether its going to College, Playing in a Band, Working for a company out of High School.. Don't let society or your friends tell you how to run your life. Only you know whats best for you. Of course make a safe and legal choice. 

Hope you enjoyed my latest Ramble. 

Anthony F. 

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    1. This is an AWESOME POST! I'm in college right now and contemplating going to grad school... we'll see what happens. Great post to put things in perspective from a fellow post grad :)


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