Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doing Sales in This Market

Doing Sales in this Market is not an easy task, therefore, its key that you bring your A Game every time you work with a client.

Depending on the product or service that you are selling, you will the main factor that companies are focusing on is Price and overall Value (Return on Investment- ROI)

As a Sales person we have some control over price, but Value is a truly a matter of perception unless their sold on the idea that it is valuable product/service.

So Lets focus on what we can do to...

Become a Successful Sales Person in this Market

  • Your parents have probably been preaching this since you were little, "Honesty is key". 
    • Well they couldn't be more right. 
  • In this market, companies are weeding out the Partners and Sales Reps that are simply looking out for this best interest and not being Honest. Lying to a company to close a sale will only dig yourself a hole and eventually come back and bite you in the ass. Overall, it is bad reflection on "Your Brand" aka "You as an individual" as well as the company you represent. 
Don't Over Price/ Over Charge
  • Before the market really took a dive, many companies were guilty of having insanely large margins, but as companies began having tighter budgets, those companies with huge margins began to LOSE business to companies that presented similar value at a fraction of the price. 
  • Presenting your client a REASONABLE price initially is critical for the sale to move forward.
    • *It is still important to keep some wiggle room so are able to provide a discount if it gets to that point
  • Also if you are providing your client/potential customer a deal, make sure they understand/and are aware of the Discount and Value they are receiving.
  • To quote a buddy of mine "You better come correct" aka good price w/ a decent margin 
Paint a Picture 
  • Its time to think of yourself as the modern day "Van Hogh"
  • Companies have a hard time seeing "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"
    • In order to ensure they do , You must Paint them a picture that shows them how your Product/Service will cater to their business and work for their business
      • Elaborate on how this Product/Service will affect their overall business
Make sure it is a Good Fit
  • Don't be the Average Car Sales Man by selling me a lemon aka "a product that is no good or does not cater to my business"
  • Making sure the product is a best fit for the Client 
    • This is key to building trust and getting referrals 
  • Companies are not use to the "Sales Person" looking out for the companies best interest so when they find someone that does, they are willing to take their advice or direction and put money on whatever they are selling 
These are just several ways to get clients to trust you, see the value and essentially sign the dotted line (which is the overall goal in sales)


The last and most important variable that affects your success is:

Your Personality
  • There is only one of you, therefore, capitalize on what sets you apart from other the Next Sales Rep
  • Insert your personality and show them who you are
    • This is key to helping bring down the wall that clients typically have when talking $$$$
Hope you enjoyed my insight.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Anthony F. 

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