Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Perception of Saving Money and Being Efficient

The 2 Most Important drivers for a Small Business

So why do so many struggle with both?

With our recent economy taking a dive, it is more critical then ever that these 2 drivers are analyzed and re-evaluated on a frequent basis. 

So where are we going wrong? 

The Allocation of Responsibilities

How often do you see a small business have the Marketing person be the Sales Person and by the way the receptionist as well?

Well.... Too many times!! Yes money is tight, but...

Giving someone 10,000 roles and praying they are efficient at all times is simply... Lying to yourself

That ladies and gentlemen, is overworking an employee

It is merely impossible for ONE or TWO employees to master every task you throw at them.

Chances are you will be diminishing your returns by doing this

But that then leads to

I want to bring everything in house?

There are several areas of the business that will have to remain in house due to....
  • Sensitivity of the data
  • Privacy
  • Margin of Error 
  • Knowledge of the business 
  • Understanding of final goal
So Besides all those Factors, Why do we want to do everything in house?


Most business owners feel that as long as they have control, everything will be handled correctly and it will be done right.

Typically that statement does hold true as long as you are still distributing the work load off to the correct parties... putting it onto 2-3 people even though its a 6-7 job, will not work out.

Outsourcing is a great way to still have control, but still "efficiently" get the job done

Let the folks who have mastered their craft... Take on the responsibility and over time they will learn your style.

The Key to this all is to Look at the big picture and realize...

Is this Efficient and is this Realistically Saving us Money?! 

At the end of the Day.....

Numbers Do not Lie! 

Anthony F.

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